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        SP4 Lynn Zolnoski tours Camp Blue Lancer Valley,
Korea April 2004.  His dream of a lifetime was realized after a
thirty-eight year absence.
 To his dismay he found only four original
buildings standing--a far cry from the BLV’s heyday of decades past.  With a
lump in his throat, Zolnoski stood at the exact spot where he bunked in
1966.   He gazed at Radio Hill and reflected on all past sweet and sour
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        A few weeks before, Ski (as his friends address him) had
advised me that he had fewer and fewer days plus a “wakeup”
and he’d return.  The only difference being that his return
happened to be
OUR KOREA!  He realized the dream that we all
share of returning to our former duty station—understanding that
all things change—to check out the old stomping grounds.  
        Ski of the 122nd Signal Corps (1966) when he TDY’d at the
BLV, operated commo equipment where he bunked at his hooch
behind the BLV Playhouse.  At other times he monitored relay
signals atop Radio Hill.  
         Ski further advised me that he was on a mission—to search
out Camp Blue Lancer Valley.  He traveled through our Western
Corridor where among other calls, he toured the DMZ at
Panmunjom, the BLV by NulloRi, and paid his respects at the
Gloster Memorial by SolmaRi.  
        Sit back and enjoy Ski’s photo collection allowing us a partial
glimpse of
Our (New) Korea through eyes of our Blue Lancer
Your Host,
                                                        SP4 Julio Martinez
                                                        BLV 1965

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Views of the NulloRi T-bone Area                                                   
Views from the BLV Boulevard                                                
                                                                                 Views of Headquarters Company Sector