The Parade Field Perimeter   
The Parade Field Perimeter consists of all four compass
EXTERIOR building views FROM the Parade Field.  These views
are limited to building facades and frontage grounds.  However,
other photo views from different camp sectors are also included
in respective compass direction.

Southern View
                                                                Photo presented by SSG Rick Benson, summer 1967
      This classic picture of Brigade Headquarters was taken facing due south.  Note
the silhouettes of three bunkers on South Queen’s western slope, and that the U.S.
flag is at half-staff.   This photo shows two of four protruding offices.  There are two
secondary protruding offices each extending beyond the opposite borders of the
picture.  A courtyard to the left of the protruding storefront is barely visible.  
Eastern View
                                                                  Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, Monsoon season, 1965
      This Blue Lancer Playhouse photo was taken facing due east.  SP4 Zolnoski’s
radioshack is partially visible at the theater’s left along with Officer’s Club in the
distance with Easy in the background.  The Brigade Headquarter’s buildings can
partially be seen at the right.  
Western View
                                                                            Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer, 1965
      This photo taken facing due west shows the PX with the warehouse’s roof just
visible behind.  The NCO Club is seen above the grove, and Radio Hill is on the
horizon above the NCO club.  The Quonset at the right requires identification.
Northern View
                                                                                                 Photo taken by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965
This photo was taken facing due north from the eastern inset of the Brigade
Headquarters by the colonel's door.  There really isn't much to exhibit in the north
perimeter as it is the end of the field except for the tank, the extended camp, and
the Barber Shop all which are posted in respective separate sector.  
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