The Parade Field
      The parade ground displayed and held mementos in its own
right.  It was the sight of much activity.  Everything just seemed
to focus on the field.  It was the heart of the BLV.
                                                                                                         Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965
      This shot of the Parade Field was taken east of The Flags and left of the
colonel's office facing due north.  Note the Barber Shop on the right, A and B
Company Quonsets on the upper right; the tank, C Company and 702nd Battalion
Quonsets on the left; and the fire gong at the lower left.
                                                                                    Photo presented by SP4 Dave Pechtold, summer 1966
      This shot of the Parade Field facing due north was taken from the west side of
The Flags and right of the Commo shack.  Notice the addition of the helicopter
landing pad.
The Tank
      Remember the tank that was located at the Northwest corner
of the field?
                                                                                                Photos presented by SP4 Dave Pechtold, summer 1966
Photo of tank taken facing west.                       Photo taken facing east with Dave.     
The Retreat Bugle Call
      Remember the Retreat Bugle Call followed by the cannon
blast, and then To The Colors.  Did anyone ever stumble over
the pipe on their way from the EM  Club to quarters?
Chopper Landing Site
                                                                                                             Photos by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965
      These two photos were taken facing northeast of the BLV from parking lot
located on the west side of the Parade Field.
                                                                     Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, winter 1966
      Snowy scene of two choppers that landed right in the center of the Parade
Field.  This photo was taken facing due west from the shadows between the BLV
Playhouse and the Gym.  The PX is at left, Radio Hill above the PX, and the NCO
Club sits above the grove.  Note: Zolnoski’s duty hooch was located right behind
the Playhouse, an
about face of about thirty paces.
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                                                                                            Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, autumn 1966
      This picture was taken facing west.  The foreground shows the shaft where the
gunpowder was fired after Retreat and before the To the Colors bugle calls.  Note
the Rock of the Marne crest on the tank.  The Chapel is behind the tree and the
steps to the NCO Club are behind The Chapel.  The mountain slope leads south to
Radio Hill.  The Quonset on the left needs to be identified.
                Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965                         Photo by SP5 Rick White, summer 1966
 Pak Bok Dong lounges leisurely in tank with star in 1965 which was replaced by the
2ndID crest in 1966 while SP5 Rick White poses for eye wear glamour photo shoot for
The Hardship Tour of Korea world publication.  Note huge black cover-up paint spot.