The Reflagging of 1July ’65
        The three outstanding events of 1965 were the Reflagging of the First
Battalion Twelfth Cavalry, First Cavalry Division by the Second Battalion thirty-
eighth Infantry, Second Infantry Division; the devastating flood brought about
by the Monsoon rains; and the construction of a concrete channel at Camp
Blue Lancer Valley.  These three occurrences are actually a
at Blue Lancer Valley, a camp three miles northeast of Munsan.   
        It was a monumental task not only to replace division patches on all
uniforms, but also of exchanging unit billboards and replacing the symbols,
crests, and lettering with that of respective battalions and of the Second
        It was in the year 1965 that Camp Blue Lancer Valley’s colors and
topography were changed forever.
The Reflagging
        It was a hot sweltering day on One July Nineteen Sixty-five
that the First Cavalry flag was replaced by the Second Infantry
Division flag at Camp Howze.  The Second Battalion Thirty-eighth
Infantry unit replaced the First Battalion Twelfth Cavalry at Camp
Blue Lancer.  Thus a BLV meridian occurred by unit changes that
forever altered the compound’s identity.  
        The ceremony included a parade composed of all HHC
troopers.  Sergeant Camp physically exchanged the battalion flags
from one officer to another.  There was much celebration with M60
target competitions, jeep maze contests, and vehicle mechanical
        I remember I had to attend the EM Club where there was much
drinking and toasting.  There was a one star General present, many
officers and enlisted men, and two very well mannered Turkish
soldiers.  Thoroughly frustrated with the morning’s events, the day
progressed uneventfully, and because I wasn’t a drinking man, I
escaped from the compound to other interests.

                                                          SP4 Julio Martinez
                                                                           Will the photographer please step forward and be identified.
        This Photo was taken facing the southwest corner of the BLV from the northwest corner of
Brigade Headquarters.  HHC shoulders arms in prep for the parade and reflagging ceremony.  
Sergeant Camp stands next to Captain Baker who is facing the troops.  SP4 Martinez is the second
face left from Commander.  
        The HHC Mess hall is at the right of the picture.  Check out the Orderly Room Quonset and
adjoining Supply Room above the troops.  Note that the gigantic crest has been removed from
bulletin board and that the HHC billboard is vacant of Old Bill.  The road at the back gate above the
orderly leads to Radio Hill.  The rock mortar channel at the lower left diverted back gate Monsoon
waters to the camp’s mainstream.
                                                          Will the photographer please step forward and be identified.
        The brigade and Line company brass pose with the newly acquired Second
of the Thirty-eighth flag.  Captain Baker faces the flag.  Photo was taken facing
southeast from the boulevard near the PX.  
                                                          Will the photographer please step forward and be identified.
        This photo was taken from boulevard near the PX facing southeast toward
The Flags (note the tank) with The Queen in the background.  Of all days, it is a
mystery as to why the colors were not displayed on the poles.  Note the Rock of
the Marne crest at the eagle’s abdomen.  Looks like Sergeant Camp stands at left,
he exchanged the unit flags.
Reflagging Program
        Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary--SP4 Julio Martinez
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