Panorama from South Queen
and Proximity
     For the purposes of geographical location on this website, the
southern mountain of Blue Lancer Valley is assigned the name
South Queen.  This would be about the only location from which a
complete view of the camp would be possible.
                                                              Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, summer 1966
     This photo of Camp Blue Lancer Valley facing due north was taken from South
Queen.  The whole of Camp Blue Lancer Valley  opens before the viewer.  On the
left is radio Hill and on the right is Easy, which is ascending toward The Queen at
the extreme right outside the picture.
                                                              Photo presented by SP4 Dave Pechtold, summer 1966
     This masterpiece centers upon the entire camp and was taken from the
northern skirts of South Queen facing due north.  The village of NulloRi is at the
upper right.  The Imjin River crosses the top with PajuRi at Libby Bridge at the
upper left hand corner.  The road traversing the photo heads left toward MunsanNi
and right to the Turk Compound.
                                                                  Yearbook photo presented by SP4 Jim Miller, 1969
    This beautiful panoramic photo was taken facing due north from the camp’s
south rear gate on the BLV
Boulevard by the water tank slopes.   The pole on the
left is in fronting the Supply Room with the second pole fronting of the Mess Hall.  
The succeeding building with the porch is the Battalion Headquarters, and the PX
is just behind.  In the far center are the A and B Company Quonsets with the gym
and the BLV Playhouse in the center right.  In the center midground are The Flags
with Brigade Headquarters and the HHC Quonsets.  The forefront Quonsets
require identification.
                                                                  Yearbook photo presented by SP4 Jim Miller, 1969  
This is a second panoramic shot taken from the BLV Boulevard in front of the
Mess Hall facing due north.  The tank’s rotary wheels are barely visible at the left
of the APO sign.
         Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.  
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