Panorama from Radio Hill
                                            and Proximity
      A virtual three hundred sixty degree panorama from the
Commo Compound atop Radio Hill.  Did any Blue Lancers know
that a compound existed atop Radio Hill?  
                                                                     Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, fall 1966
   A distant view facing northeast with the Radio Hill Commo Compound centered,
ChangpaRi district at the far left, and a foxhole in the foreground.
                                                                     Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, fall 1966
   Commo Compound facing due north with a latrine and a Quonset atop Radio Hill
surrounded with the customary barbwire enclosure.  Will the unknown veteran in
the picture please step up front and center to be identified?  

Sp4 Zolnoski explains he drove his commo truck up Radio Hill and
operated his radio equipment outside the Commo Compound—
never knowing of the contents within.  He took this farewell shot of
the Radio Hill compound on his last trip to his duty station before
departing for the states.  

Radio Hill Bunker
                                                                     Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, fall 1966
   SP4 Zolnoski stands at the south side of the Radio Hill bunker, which faces west
in defense of radio equipment.
        Our picture presentation begins Northward from Radio Hill
panning east, south, west and back north full circle.

Panorama North of Radio Hill
                                                                         Yearbook photo presented by Louis Panfil, 1965     
A view of the BLV from Radio Hill proximity.  Note the channel is still under
                                                                     Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, fall 1966
   This beautiful golden brown Autumnal BLV scene is facing north toward the
main gate from Radio Hill.  The A and B Company Quonsets are at right below
Easy's slopes.   The 702nd Maintenance Battalion and Company C Quonsets are at
the left rows with the Mess Hall at the low left.  NulloRi is in the distance with the
mountains of North Korea on the horizon.  Note that The Strip, between the
completed concrete channel and the BLV
Boulevard, run the length of the camp.
Panorama East of Radio Hill.
                                                    Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, fall 1966
   This View of the camp faces eastward from Radio Hill.  The recreation buildings
and HHC Quonsets are in the midground.  The officer’s quarters are at the upper
right corner with the Laundry buildings in the distance with Easy on the Horizon.   
Note the foxhole from the war in the foreground
                                                                    Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, winter 1966
   This afternoon winter wonderland shot facing east from Radio Hill shows Brigade
Headquarters and recreational buildings at the extreme left.  The HHC Quonsets
with The Dispensary (red cross) and other HHC hooches follow all the way to the
compound’s end at the right toward South Queen.  At the lower left is the HHC
Mess Hall and the HHC T-shaped Orderly Room Quonset at the lower right.  
                                                                       Photo presented by SP4 Felix Castro, Medic 1965
   A view of the Headquarters area with the Dispensary in the center, HHC Quonsets
left, BdeHqs farther left, and Playhouse at the extreme left.  Behind HHC is the
Bowling Lane, farther back are the Officer’s Quarters, with the laundry at the upper
left corner.  Below road at left is the Battalion Headquarters, next the latrine, the
Mess Hall and the HHC Orderly Room at the extreme right.  The row of Quonsets at
the bottom and the buildings to the right of the Dispensary require identification.  
Photo taken facing due east from Radio Hill’s proximity being her eastern skirts.
Panorama South of Radio Hill
Photos presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, winter/fall 1966
South Queen in all her pure white
frozen majesty.  Photo taken facing
southeast from Radio Hill.  Note: The
road actually exits the BLV’s back
gate at left and ascends Radio Hill.
This photo was taken facing
southwest from Radio Hill on a sunny
and cold Autumnal morning.  Note fox
hole and sandbags from the war in
the foreground.
Panorama West of Radio Hill
                                                                                        Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, winter1966
Echo Range     This picture of Echo Range was taken facing due west in all its
show melting majesty.
Photos presented by SP4 Lynn Zolniski, fall 1966  
   Facing Westward are tank tracks in the first photo and ChangpaRi in the
distance on the second photo all within the doe-brown autumnal Fall cold
season of Korea.
Panorama North of Radio Hill, full circle to Commo Compound
                                                                                        Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, winter 1966
A melting snow chilly wonderland facing northwest with ChangpaRi, the Imjin,
and the Libby in the distance.  Our Radio Hill panorama is completed at full circle
back to the latrine at the commo compound.
Other Photos from the Radio Hill Proximity
Photo presented by SP4 Eliyahu Roof 1967
   This photo was taken facing northeast from the Radio Hill northern foothills.  
The A Company Quonsets are at the right under Easy's shadows.  In center
midground is the 702nd Maintenance Shop and Repair Area.  NulloRi is in the
distance below the mountains and the Main Gate is at the end of the BLV
Boulevard with the Motor Pool at the picture's left.  Note two concrete slabs which
appear to be Basket Ball courts.
                                                                                             Photo presented by SP4 Dave Pechtold, fall 1966
This photo was taken facing northeast from the lower slopes of Radio Hill,
possibly from the Quonset area above the Battalion Headquarters.   On the left is
the PX, The Chapel is in the center, and A and B Quonsets are at the right below
Easy.  Note that the channel is complete or near complete and The Strip and the
Boulevard both appear a single surface.
Photo presented by SP4 Eliyahu Rooff
   Your help is needed to identify this photo.  It appears to have been
taken facing north toward the Motor Pool from the Radio Hill northern
slopes or foothills.
     Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary--SP4 Julio Martinez
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                                                                                      Photo presented by SP4 Dave Pechtold, winter 1966
 This snowy scene was taken from atop Radio Hill facing northeast.
  "Those forked poles were what we called kimche poles, and they were
permanent.  That is commo wire.  Sometimes the poles were about eight to ten
feet high, and we did climb them occasionally with spikes!"--
Dave Pechtold
COMMENTARY:  In the veterans own words,   
Julio,     I visited Signal Hill or what you call Radio Hill a number of times while out exploring.  I didn't serve
there, but as new people arrived we would show them around.  There was also some kind of station on Easy
Queen.  I can't remember exactly what, but I do remember Air Force people there.--SP4 Harry Chambers  
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