Mount Easy Queen
                                                                              and panorama
                                                                                                  Photo taken by SP5 Abilio Mendiola, spring 1965
       Photo of Mount Easy Queen’s eastern cliffs.  This picture faces due west from
the rice paddies between NopaeDong and Koomshi.  THE QUEEN is the crest (the
mountain’s peak), and EASY slopes at right.  Skoshi Nopae is visible at left and
McGovern at right.

                                                                      Photo taken by SP4 Marvin Garcia, summer 1965
       This panoramic picture was taken facing due east from THE QUEEN (the crest)
with Camp McGovern prominent.  The village of NopaeDong (upper right) and
Koomshi in the upper left, are in full view.*  Skoshi Nopae is at the middle right.  
The road entering from the right runs from PobwanNi and exits at the left
continuing toward Camp Amahie and the BLV.  SP4 Martinez squats on THE QUEEN
pointing at the sheer drop immediately behind.  SCARY!!  *The eastern view photo
was taken from the rice paddies between these villages.
       Concrete slab at Queen’s crest bore ALADINO C 1/17 ARTY.  SP4 Martinez
scratched his name with available charcoal.
                                                                               Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965
       This breath-taking picture was shot from EASY facing northwest just before
ascending THE QUEEN.  The Blue Lancer road entering from the picture’s left T-
Bones at NulloRi.  At NulloRi the road branches left toward MunsanNi and then
right toward Camp Amahie.  Traversing the picture is the Imjin River with Spoonbill
behind and the mountains of North Korea on the horizon.  The village of
ChangpaRi and Libby Bridge crossing the Imjin are visible in the photo’s first third
from the left.   Left of the BLV road are the RADIO HILL foothills and slopes where
the burial mounds, Buddha sentinels, and SP4 Gustavson’s bunkers are located.   
The picturesque Buddhist Temple was situated in the locale just right of the T-
                                                                                                       Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965
       This is a shot facing due west from THE QUEEN.  The Imjin River enters from
the north at the picture’s right and is heading south, it curves around Spoonbill
and resumes as a northerly course, then curves west into the Han River whichin
turn empties into the Yellow Sea.  RADIO HILL is in the midground and the hills of
North Korea are barely visible in the horizon.
                                                                               Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965
       This photo faces southwest from the western slopes of EASY.  HHC, Brigade
Headquarters, the Parade Ground, and all recreation, business, and office
buildings are in full view.  Notice the dry riverbed caused by two tributarie--one
entering from the lower left of the picture and another one from the upper left,
and still a third from the road by the water tank.  The first two join at the picture’s
lower left (creating the huge wash) and then all three run the length of the camp
behind the hill in the foreground and beneath Companies A and B toward the main
gate.  South Queen at upper left, and RADIO HILL at upper right.
                                               Photo taken by SP4 Marvin Garcia, summer 1965
SP4 Martinez amid Queen’s foliage

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                                                                     Photo taken by SP4 Marvin Garcia, summer 1965
       This photo was taken facing northwest from QUEEN’S western lower slopes.  
Notice the gym and the Blue Lancer Playhouse.   RADIO HILL is at the upper left
with the NCO Club just below.  Check out the C Company Quonsets at RADIO’S
slopes and foothills where the 702nd was also quartered.  The officer’s quarters
are at the picture’s lowest point.  Note Libby Bridge traversing the Imjin River in
the middle right.