The Motor Pool also known as the POL (Petroleum, Oil, and
Lubricants) was located at the northwest corner of the BLV.  It was
the first unit immediately to the right as one entered the Main Gate.
                                                                                                             Yrbk photo presented by  SP4 Dennis Alt, 1964
 This photo was taken from the northern skirts of Radio Hill facing northeast more than
likely behind the 702nd Orderly Room sector.  NulloRi is visible in the horizon below
the mountains.
                                                                                                          Photo presented by SP4 Jim Miller, summer 1969
 This photo was taken from the A and B Company sector facing northwest.  The Motor
Pool is at picture's right, the Main Gate would be at the right from the picture, and the
Radio Hill foothills are in the background.  Note the paved
boulevard (the strip) and the
modern channel, a much-improved scene from the early sixties.   The Basketball goals
do not seem to be up.     
         Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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                                                                                  Photo yearbook copy presented by SP5 Rick White, Med, BLV 1966
   This photo of the Motor Pool humongous mechanic shops was taken facing west from
the road just behind the ditch that ran the length of the compound.