The  Main  Gate
   The introductory sign with an arrow below pointing south toward
the BLV was originally located near the village of NulloRi with the
camp's main gate just about a quarter mile south down the BLV road.
                  Yearbook photo presented by Dennis Alt, 1964                Yrbk photo presented by SP4 Louis Panfil, 1965
First Battalion Twelfth Cavalry Main Gate sign, prior to reflagging on 1Jul65.
Main Gate sign close to the village
                                                                                                                         Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, 1965
Second Battalion Thirty-eighth Infantry Main Gate sign, July 1965 following
reflagging.  NulloRi is in the background.
                                                                                                   Yearbook photo presented by SP4 Louis Panfil, 1965
   This sunny photo of the guard hooch was taken facing due north.  The Motor Pool
would be in the immediate left of the picture.
The Main Gate
                                                                                                   Yearbook photo presented by SP4 Louis Panfil, 1965
  Main Gate and BLV Boulevard.  This photo of the Main Gate and entrance to Camp
Blue Lancer Valley was taken facing due south with South Queen in the horizon.
presence of the cactus above the pillars indicate photo was taken prior to 1Jul65.  
The Motor Pool would be to the immediate right of the picture.
       Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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                                                                                                                      Yearbook photo presented by Dennis Alt, 1964
Lovely photo of the complete Main Gate with misty monsoonal skies in the backdrop
engulfing  South Queen.  Note the cactus above pillars and droopy wind cone above motor
pool.  Ahhh, but then the freshening humid breezes of the monsoons with all their
encompassing dreary duty.
The Main Gate Guard Hooch
                                                                                                             Yearbook photo presented by Dennis Alt, 1964
The guard hooch with MP controls all traffic in and out of the BLV.  Note Motor Pool in
background, wind vane at zero, and monsoon pools in tire tracks.
                                                                                   Yearbook photo presented by SP5 Rick White, Med, BLV 1966
   Great early morning shot of the main gate taken facing generally toward the
southwest of the camp with Charlie Company quonsets in a background row and Radio
Hill adorned with two trees.  Note the absence of cactus above pillars removed with
the reflagging of 1Jul65; and the continued presence of elongated cone spears at
either pillar require definition and purpose.
                                                               Yearbook photo presented by SP5 Rick White, Med, BLV 1966
   This photo displays a sign indicating HQ2/38 and is located within the compound evident
by Quonsets in the backdrop.  Significantly, the Rock of the Marne crest's ribbon is leveled
and not curved as in the 1965 sign above.  Reportedly, the curved ribbon is the 1/38 while
the level ribbon belongs to the 2/38.  Other changes include the absence of the arrow, U.S
Army sign, and the Brigade HQs banner.  Whether the ribbons are questionable or if this is
the sign removed from the village proximity needs to be investigated, your assistance is
                                                                           Yearbook photos presented by SP5 Rick White, Med, BLV 1966
  The photo at left was taken facing toward the northwest with main gate masonry
evident in background.  The photo at right was taken facing due north.  Note that the
woodwork in both photos is progressively weathering as in the 1965 photo and in
the 1966 photo definitely requires painting.  Also, the windows' post and lintels are in
need of maintenance as compared with the 1964 photo above.  The rain gutter above
door absent in 1964 has seen better days since as in the 1966 photo appears to be
falling off.