This page is dedicated in remembrance to all soldiers who fell
while serving our country following the Korean conflict reported by
word of mouth as remembered...
                                                                                                                Photo provided by SSG Rick Benson, BLV 1966
                      Join bluelancervalley.org in a moment of respectful         
               silence as we review and repay our respects to our fallen       
               brothers; and our condolences to their families...              
         On this day, August 28th 1967 just as the men were coming in from the field
and lining up for evening chow, the North Koreans attacked Camp Liberty Bell
from the surrounding hills with AK-47 fire.  They started with the motor pool and
then walked their fire down the chow line and into the mess tent.  They then fired
up the tent line and into the orderly room and arms room.  They fired over 3000
rounds in what the UN said was the worst violation of the truce in its history.  By
the time we were able to get our weapons and fight them off they had killed 4 of our
Company and wounded 28.  Two GIs and two KATUSAS were KIA.  They fought,
they bled, they died, and then they were forgotten.  There was no press, there is no
memorial anywhere.  In fact, I would guess that those of you who served at Camp
Liberty Bell were probably unaware that these men shed their blood and some
gave their lives on the ground where you stood.  Our C Company yearbook for
1967 made no mention of the attack or even listed the names of those killed or
wounded as having been in the company.  But some of us who were there still
remember.  So, if you will, please raise a glass with us today in remembrance of our
brothers, Sp/4 Michael Vogel and PFC Curtis Rivers of Co "C" 76th Engineers,  the
"Liberty Bell Battalion," and those others who bled for us all.  "Lest We Forget."       
                                                                               SP5 Bob Monahan
                                                                             Co C, 76th Engnrs