Korean Augmentation
                                  to the
United States Army
         The KATUSA were soldiers from the Republic of Korea
Army (ROK), in effect Korean Nationals who spoke good English,
and served their military time by augmenting the U.S.Army.  
HHC 2/38 Buddies
These two segeants are requested to step up front and center to be recognized.
PFC KIM Ahn Yung                                                         PFC LEE Soo Moo
      PFC PAK Bok Dong                                                 PFC KIM Kap Jin
         Pak Bok Dong held by SP4 Sellers in a terrifying death grip.  This photo was
taken facing toward southeast of the BLV from the west side of the eastern-most
hooch from the Brigade Headquarters offices.  Pak Bok Dong was a popular KATUSA
soldier and liked by everyone.  He always seemed to be everywhere, all the time,
always in a good mood, congenial, and a super representative of a fine Korean
      KATUSA Blue Lancer machine gunner and GI driver.  It was quite common to see
jeeps with mounted M60’s handled by KATUSA’s on all convoys.  Will these two Blue
Lancers please step forward and be identified?    
      BLV KATUSA Dog Handlers.  This photo was taken during a brief stop somewhere
along the road returning from the Monsoon Season bivouac to the BLV.  The two
Blue Lancer KATUSA sergeants are requested to step forward and be identified.
        Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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                                                                                           Photo presented by SP4 Dave Pechtold, winter 1966
        Lee, Sung, and Choi, three KATUSA BLV lineman on duty near Yonjugol.