Hi, I'm Julio
      HS ROTC 1963                                  Basic Jun/Jul 1964                           Pay School, Oct 1964
      If you can picture a kid joining the Army within five days of
high school graduation—wildly excited about seeing the world
outside of San Antonio, Texas—you picture me.  Having been
brought up in a (western San Antonio) poverty-ridden barrio, I
realized the increasing importance of a high school diploma.  I
could never hope to attend college—much less travel anywhere
beyond out-of-state family circles.  The Army was my soul source
of all my travel dreams.  What better occupation would hurl me to
the distant lands of the far off corners of the earth without
professional or basic skills?  What far-flung realms were out there
waiting for me to discover and explore as I dreamed while reading
Around the World Program books?  Of course I enlisted, and
was R.A. (Regular Army) all the way.  As a gung-ho ex-Boy Scout
and strike H.S. R.O.T.C. cadet, I was READY for a thirty-year
military career.  

Army Life
      The military life?  No problem, I felt I had been BORN a
military man and would easily adapt to any situation.  Hardship
tours?  Never knew they existed.  War?  Never gave it much
thought, if I died I DIED!!  I was READY!

Pay School
      I was guaranteed pay school prior to my enlistment by an
apathetic recruiter.  Never having traveled beyond my home
state, Texas, I was thrilled that my life’s adventures would begin
in the unknown state of Louisiana followed by Indiana!   Following
Basic Training and then Personnel School at Ft. Polk, I flew to
Uncle Benny’s Rest Home (Ft. Ben Harrison) in Indianapolis on
October of 1964 to attend Pay School.  

World Travel!
      KOREA!!  ASIA!!  It was at Fort Polk where I first learned that
my Permanent Change of Station would be the 15thAdminCo First
Cavalry Division, Korea. The opposite hemisphere of the earth!!  I
was ecstatic!  I was in high hog heaven!  My adventuring world
had actually begun—I was really traveling OVERSEAS!  My
wildest dreams were coming true!  Not only would I live in the
opposite end of the world, but also it was all mine to behold and
explore!  I imagined myself in Tokyo (as in the popular song Blue
Navy), Hong Kong, and living my childhood dream of touching
base at Tahiti and (with any luck) perhaps Pitcairn’s Island in the
South Pacific (since I was in the “general (?)” area!).  DREAMS!  
The stuff that going to HEAVEN is all about!
      Remember this pamphlet?  I must have read it cover to
cover, over and over, just savoring the spectacles, wonders, and
marvels that my tomorrows in Korea would bring!
Japan!  Made it!!  One week touring The Land of the Rising Sun
Kamakura, Oct 1965                                                            Tokyo, Oct 1965
          Remember the song BLUE NAVY  by Diane Renay during
the midsixties?  Throughout high school I had planned on joining
the Navy, but at the last minute because of pay school, I joined
the army.  Well, I used to dream I’d be traveling to Tokyo one day,
and then one day I actually walked into one of my dreams.  
However to my disappointment, I didn’t see
“A walkie talkie
windup little China doll that says ‘Wish you were here.’ ”

Three Camps    
      Well, I served my episode at the Land of the Morning Calm
from 12Nov64 to 19Nov65.  Camp McGovern by the village of
NopaeDong was my first duty station.  Then we relocated to Camp
Ross by NangmoRi during March of 1965.  I requested and was
granted a transfer to the infantry and ended up at the
HHC1stBn12thCav Camp Blue Lancer Valley Orderly Room on
Personnel Clerk, 15thAdminCo1stCavDivAPOSF96224
Camp McGovern, Nov 1964                               Camp Ross, Spring 1965
Meal Card                                                         Off Duty Pass
Flags and Floods
      Of all three compounds, my fondest adventures occurred
while stationed at Camp Blue Lancer Valley.  Among many BLV
memories, three 1965 summer highlights stand out: the
reflagging of the 1stCav by the 2ndID on 0ne July, guard duty at
the Turks’
Camp Amahie, and the Fabulous Flood brought by the
Monsoon rains.
Three day pass
Lemonade from Lemons
      I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of duty in The Land of the
Morning Calm.  Somehow I always managed to make the best of
any situation no matter where, when or what I was assigned.  I
guess my frame of mind was positive from the onset.  I was also
fortunate enough to be allowed sufficient free time to enjoy my
leisure pursuits, seeing as much of the country as I could.  Never
once had a problem with a pass, three-day pass, or even R&R
orders for Japan (and Hong Kong).  I therefore wish to share my
wealth of BLV photos and memorabilia with the brothers who
never had time to sightsee because of their restricted duty or
because their time was spent in
sweet mischief.  When I left
Korea, a little part of me remained…but a great big part of Korea
came home with me.  

  SP4 Julio
 BLV 1965
                                                                                                                Nametag bought at the YongSan PX
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            Camp Blue Lancer Valley, Summer 1965  
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