Her Majesty's War Relics
        Like a bunch of school kids Marvin and I headed up The Queen
looking for the much talked about tank.  The fact that the tank was a
permanent memento—a genuine relic—from the Korean War stirred
our excitement.  Needless to say we were overwhelmed when we
found it.  We took pictures with the tank and unknowingly—until
thirty years later—of the Imjin River curving around Spoonbill.
                                                                       Photo taken by SP4 Marvin Garcia, summer 1965
        This photo was taken facing due east.  The tank barrel is facing North
Korea.  To the right is the Imjin and spoonbill.  Note the outline triangle of the
Artillery Corps.  Note that some entrepreneur sawed off the barrel.
                              Photo provided by SP4 Zolnoski, Commo, BLV, 1966
        This photo plainly displays the Korean determination for dismantling or
removing metal for salvage.  We never attempted to spin the turret in 1965
although SP4 Zolnoski reports that he was able to turn it in 1966.   The artillery
insignia is still outlined on the tank top.
 These GI's need to be identified.
                                                                            Photo taken by SP4 Marvin Garcia, summer 1965
        This photo was taken facing due west toward Spoonbill with the Imjin River
prominent in the background.
        Marvin and I were descending Easy one day when we came across a
round “plate” by the side of the path.  We thought it was a mine from the war so
like a pair of idiots we decided to throw rocks at it.  Since it wouldn’t explode we
decided to dig it up.  We dug with sticks and the more we dug the more of a
circular shape it took.  Excitedly we worked our fingers in the damp soil digging
deeper round and around not knowing what it was.  Our curiosity was greater
than our fear of an explosion.  We excitedly hastened our digging until finally we
realized it was A STEEL POT!  With increased efforts we pulled up at the rim, and
OUT ROLLED A HUMAN SKULL!!  The familiar helmet liner within the steel pot
had some dirty hair stuck on the straps.  The liner’s interior did not show signs
of wear.
        I stood dumbfounded, gaping, and probably with my nostrils at their widest
ever!  Marvin blessed himself while summoning the Deity.  Wide-eyed we both
stared at our find.  We decided to report our find to our Commanding Officer.  
        A few days later we returned to our dig, and unearthed a complete human
skeleton.  I remember there were some 30mm spent rounds, probably from an
M1, with bluish-green rust and tiny pellets within the corroded shells.  I also
noticed that the rotted canvas type boots on its feet bore Chinese characters
where the rubber sole curved to become the heel. We placed all the bones in a
body bag that was taken to Seoul by the proper authorities for examination.  
        One afternoon we decided upon changing our direction and descend the
Queen from her western slopes in a southwesterly direction.  We were carefully
pacing our way down ever cautious of the rocky terrain when we spotted a rocket
amid the abundant foliage.  We thought of picking it up and taking it to the
compound but remembered the close call of a possible explosion we could have
had with the earlier skull dig.  We decided to leave it alone and just take pictures of
it.  Later the First Sergeant identified it as a 50mm rocket launcher missile.  
         Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.  
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