Headquarters and
Headquarters Company
Headquarters was the support services for the brigade troops and
Headquarters Company was the support staff, thus the title
Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC or Hq&HqCo).   
This sector included the Orderly Room, the Mess Hall, The
Dispensary, troop quarters (hooches) and other buildings yet to
be identified.  The Company sector was located south from the
Brigade Headquarters and the Battalion Headquarters all the way
to the southern border of the camp below South Queen.
The HHC Company Area
                                                                                                   Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965          
This photo (a cutout) that faces southwest and comprises the HHC Company area
was taken from the northern slopes of Easy.
                                                                                   Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, winter 1966          
This photo (a cutout) that faces northeast and comprises the HHC Company area
was taken from the southern slopes of Radio Hill.
                                                                                           Photo presented by SP4 Felix Castro, winter 1965-66
This photo (another cutout) that faces due east of the HHC area was taken from
Radio Hill's skirts.  The T-shaped quonset at the lower right of the (A)
Room, the (B) The Armory, (C) Supply Room, the (D) Mess Hall,  the (E) latrine, the
thirteen-hooch (F)
HHC Troop Quarters,  (G) another latrine, (H) The Dispensary, (I)
S-4 Battalion Supply, (K) Commo Shop and (I,J,L,M) buildings which require
identification all comprised the Headquarters Company area.   
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Yearbook photo copy presented by SP4 Panfil, BLV 1965              Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, 1965
Captain Walter M. Baker, CO HHC1stBn12thCav1stCavDivBLV
  Captain Baker was one of the two finest supervisors that I ever
served with.  He demonstrated the greatest qualities of patience and
comprehension of the enlisted troops--SP4 Julio Martinez.
Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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Commentary:  Building K identified.  In the veteran's own words,
Julio,     Building K in the above photo is the commo shop which housed our radio repair gear, all the telephone
wire, and switchboards for the field—except the equipment that I took care of.—SP4 Dave Pechtold, 1966.  
Commentary:  Building I indentified.  In the veteran's own words:  
Julio,  In the photos of the HHC area where some of the buildings need identification, the hut labeled “I” was
the S-4 (battalion supply) building in the summer of 1970.—SGT John Pierson, 1970
                                                                              Yearbook 1966 photo presented by SP5 Rick White, Medic, BLV 1966
   This photo of the southwest corner of the HHC area was taken facing due north from
the road leading west and then up north to Radio Hill from the back gate.  The row of
quonsets on the left quartered numerous units to include the 1stBn23Arty and the Boy
Scout troop to name only a few and others require identification.  View above photo with
lettered buildings for identification.
                                                          Yearbook 1966 photo presented by SP5 Rick White, Medic, BLV 1966
   This photo of the HHC Company general area facing southeast was taken from the NCO
club area evident of tree foliage on lower left corner.   The building at the lower right
corner is the Battalion Headquarters with the mail room door at the lowest right corner of
picture.  The row of quonsets at the lower left corner is the Brigade Headquarters.

   latrine                                       T-13                                      Dispensary
                  T-6      T-5                                        T-12          T-11          T-10            
                                                 T-4                                                                                T-9                                                               
                 Bde Hqs                          T-3                         T-2                                                                      T-8
                                                                                                          Guardhouse                                       Bn Hqs