Headquarters, A, B, and C Companies quartered at Blue Lancer Valley
        The First of the Twenty-third spent all of its time patrolling the DMZ.
Although quartered at the BLV, these guardians of the Demilitarized Zone,
the North Korean border, lived as much as ninety-five percent of their tour
of duty on the Z.  Other freshly arrived troops shed their greens and
donned their fatigues and were immediately shipped from Kimpo AFB
directly to the Z.  These Second Infantry Division Warriors secured The
Fence day and night twenty-four/seven during the drenching monsoons,
bone freezing snows, sweltering humidity, and chills of Korea.           
       These DMZ Scouts rarely saw the sights of The Land of the Morning
Calm and when so, in the line of duty transporting troops, equipment, or
supplies to and from Seoul and only by coincidental non-stop with viewing-
time limited from duty vehicles.
        Although all U.S. troops were withdrawn from the Z in 1971, the
1/23rd which was assigned to Korea on 1Jul65 (replacing the 1stSqdn
9thCav) through 16Dec86, was deactivated while assigned to the 2nd Inf.  
That the 1/23 stood its ground during its tenure against North Korean
infiltrators despite the unreported loss of life to the American public clearly
reflects their true guardianship of Freedom's Frontier.  That these men
proudly earned their
local IMJIN DMZ SCOUT patches on Z duty and were
afterwards, in the United States, ordered to remove them by fresh-faced
ignorant young officers was a pained insult to the veteran brotherhood of
these unsung heroes of Korea.    
                                                                        Photo courtesy of by unknown photographer
        This color photo cutout was taken facing northwest from the gap between The
Queen and South Queen.  The row of Quonsets at the left side of the picture, below
the road from Radio's skirts and immediately left of the water tank, quartered the
First of the Twenty-third.  Will the photographer please step front and center for
                                                                     Photo presented by SP4 Felix Castro, medic, winter 1965
This photo cutout taken from Radio's skirts facing east displays the HHC, A, B, and
C Company's quarters of the First of the Twenty-third, being the Quonset row at the
bottom of the picture--in relation to HHC Second of the Thirty-eighth area.    
                                                                       Photo of Bob Haynes presented by SP4 Bob Haynes, 1/23, 1967
This photo of SP4 Bob Haynes was taken from the 1/23 Quonset area facing
east at handguard clearly visible at above photo's lower right corner.  The HHC
2/38 area in back ground with Supply Room immediately prominent, the sidewalk
and short rock fence at left lay behind the Mess Hall.  Troops at reveille on BLV
boulevard with other buildings requiring identification and Mount Easy Queen
faithfully on the horizon.  All
red arrowheads identify the handrail area.

Commentary:  In the veteran's own words,
Hi Julio,     The 1/23rd and the 1/38th were permanently stationed north of the Imjin until 11/67 or at least
the 1/23rd was.  We were at Camp Young which served as Battalion and 3rd Brigade Headquarters.  The photo
of me at BLV was taken as I was preparing to clear to go home.  This is why I was not in reveille formation.

Bob Haynes, HHC 1/23rd Inf 2nd Inf Division Korea DMZ 1966-67 Imjin Scout.  Keep up the fire!!!  
The First of the Twenty-third field-bound on 23Jan68 during USS
PUEBLO crisis alert.
                                                          Photos presented by SP4 Eliyahu Roof, 702nd Maint Bn, summer 1967
        Reportedly these two photos were taken on 23Jan68 with the First of the
Twenty-third in full field battle gear heading for the DMZ the day of the USS PUEBLO
seizure.  These photos were taken from the strip facing southeast with A and B
Company area followed by the gym and Playhouse at right.  Easy and Queen are on
the horizon.  
Activities on Division Day, 1967
                                                       Photos presented by SP4 Eliyahu Roof, 702nd Maint Bn, summer 1967
Despite the hazardous duty at the DMZ and on the Imjin, the 1/23 found rare
moments of recreation such as the tug-of-rope and grenade throw competitions at
the BLV.  Note DMZ/Imjin Scout patches on right shirt pockets.
Tent City, BLV
                                            Photo presented by SP4 Eliyahu Roof, 702nd Maint Bn, summer 1967
Reportedly Tent City, BLV, temporarily housed either DMZ/Imjin Scouts or 1/23rd
troops, all heading for DMZ duty.  This photo was taken on the strip facing due north
with Company A and B Quonsets at top right.  Requesting data on tent city.
        Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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Commentary:  In the veteran's own words,
Hi Julio,     In 1971 all the troops did not leave the DMZ.  One battalion remained, the 2/23rd Inf, they became
1/17th Inf, then rotated.  The 1/31st Inf was there, then the 1/506th Inf, a second battalion, was up there after 1976
rotating duties.  I believe the last US troops left in 1994 except for the JSA
.—MAJ Richard M. Cheek, Inf, Ret, Co
A 2/23rd Inf and 1/17th Inf Camp Liberty Bell 71-72  
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