C Company Sector
                                                                                        Yearbook photo provided by SP4 Louis Panfil, 1965
Company C Orderly Room.  This photo was taken facing northwest with the
northern Radio Hill foothills declining toward the Motor Pool.
     Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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The Company C sector was located on the western side of the BLV
below Radio Hill's northern foothills; and between the graded strip
(later known as the BLV boulevard, the main drag) and the 702nd
quarters, and south of the motorpool.  
All photos other than indicated are from Dennis Alt's 1964 yearbook.
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Reveille formation at Company C on concrete strip on photo taken facing due south.  
The Flags are in the distance with The Queen and South Queen in the background.  
Note the ditch which also ran the length of the BLV but on the western side of the
graded strip, later becoming the
BLV Boulevard.
These two photos of the Company C Quonsets were taken facing due west with the northern
Radio Foothills in the background.  The Cavaliers on the "graded strip" are from Company B
with the left photo's concrete strip adjacent to the A and B Company ditch.  Evidently there
were two paralleling concrete strips and ditches one of each below A and B Companies and
the other below the C Company sectors with a
main graded strip where the troops are
drilling.  Note the 702nd buildings at the highest point on the left photo: from right to left: The
orderly room, the three quonset troop quarters, and the mess hall barely visible at the far left.
This photo of the C Company cavaliers along with the typical mascot was taken facing
due north toward the main gate with some motor pool buildings visible behind the unit
sign. Company A buildings are on the top right of the photo.  Note guidon flag
reminicent of the Old West cavalry days.
Company C Orderly Room with respective NCO's.  In all cases note the kepi caps
different from the baseball and pile caps of 1965.
The Mess Hall crew prior to the chow line and the troops at chow.