The Battalion Headquarters
     The Battalion Headquarters offices housed the business
offices, the Mail Room, and the Message Center.
Yearbook photo copy presented by SP4 Louis Panfil, 1965
   Sign of the Battalion Headquarters offices.
                                                                                Yearbook photo copy presented by SP4 Louis Panfil, 1965
This photo of the Battalion Headquarters offices was taken facing northwest
from the HHC area with the soldier crossing (at the rear of) the BLV
Radio Hill is at the upper left of the picture and the NCO Club is at the upper right.
The row of Quonsets at Radio Hill's skirts require identification.   Note the rock
channel in the foreground, on which rain flowed from the western-most tributary
of South Queen by the camp's back gate (by the HHC Orderly Room) to the A and
B Company ditch where it joined two other streams that yearly flooded the
compound during the Monsoons.
                                                                                              Yearbook photo presented by SP4 Jim Miller, 1969
This colorful  frontage photo of the Battalion Headquarters offices was taken
facing northwest from the immediate southeast corner of the property.  The NCO
Club is seen at the upper right of the picture and Radio Hill behind the sign.  
Compare the 1969 tree beautification to the 1965 photo above.
          Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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                                                                                                                  Yearbook photo presented by SP4 Dennis Alt, 1964
        Photo taken from the southeast corner facing northwest.  Note the telephone pole's
reflection on the main boulevard indicating the presence of the rains.  Note also the cloudy
skies and misty ambiance, just like during the monsoon season.  The NCO Club is the high
point of the photo, the PX is at the extreme right and . . . aahhh, but the miseries of the
monsoon rains with all its humid glory and miseries.
    At first view one might only dismiss this photo of the three soldiers in passing.  However,
it is only through the words of The Message Center specialists who can express and qualify
certain icons of these bygone camp heydays.  In the words of the veteran on duty:  
    "My office was behind SGT Harris the soldier on the left. The outer door was steel and then on the
inside was a wooden door.  The barred small window at the left had a hand crank buzzer so that when
someone rang, I would open the slide window.  That small window is where I would issue SOI's/SSI's
every day.  There was a curtain behind the window so no one could see inside the message center. The
other two specialists are Donald Logan (center) the guy who trained me, and Terry Tomzak (right), the
guy who was electrocuted and burned last year.
"SP4Dave Pechtold,CommoPlt,BnHQ,2ndBn38Inf2ndID,BLV,
*SOI stands for Signal Operating Instructions.SSI stands for signal security instructions
                                                                                        Yearbook photo presented by SP5 Richard White,Med, BLV 1966
    This photo shows the front porch of the Battalion Headquarters offices.  Spooky portico
with wondering interest as to what INTELLIGENCE going on behind those green doors.