Brigade Headquarters
          and proximity from different sectors
Scenery from A and B Company Proximity
       These photos were taken due south of the A and B Company
areas at Easy's slopes.  In all cases the South Queen dominates the
distant background.  The gym, The Flags and The Chapel are
seemingly faithful landmarks.
                                        Photo courtesy by (Blue Cactus Cafe) Lloyd Reese, 1954
This is the earliest photo yet, of The Brigade Headquarters area from the A
and B Company sector.
                                                                                              Photo presented by SP4 George Gustavson, 1963
Nice photo of the Brigade Headquarters area.  George advised me he hardly
bunked at the BLV--mostly at the DMZ

George wrote that he was assigned to the First Cavalry Division
at Fort Benning, Georgia which was then assigned to the Republic
of Vietnam.  He served at a second DMZ at the RVN with the same
division.  It is interesting that as a draftee, he served at two
overseas duty tours, in two DMZ's, and at two separate Asiatic
countries under the same crest.
                                                                                              Photo presented by SP4 Jim Miller, summer 1969
       Classic view of the Brigade Headquarters and The Flags.  Note the three
bunkers on South Queen and the broken concrete walk in the left foreground.
                                                                                              Photo presented by SP4 Jim Miller, summer 1969
       This photo was taken facing southwest from the B Company sector.  The
Chapel and the NCO Club are clearly identifiable.  The Brigade Headquarters
would be in the immediate left from the picture.  Radio Hill is at the background.  
Other buildings require identification.
Scenes from the BLV Stream and Channel
                                          Photo courtesy of by SP4 Steve Borowski, 1965
       This photo of The Flags was taken by a Corps of Engineers corpsman during
the construction of the channel that controlled the stream that flooded the BLV
every Monsoon season.
                                                                                                     Photo presented by SP4 James Skipper, 1969
      This photo was taken from the northern end of the channel facing south toward
the Brigade Headquarters and The Flags.  Note that although the year is 1969--four
years following the channel's completion--there is still destruction.
                                                                                             Photo courtesy by_____, 19--
     This shot was taken from the 702nd and C Company area toward the southeast
corner of the camp with A Company and The Queen in the backdrop.  The EM Club
and Gym are at the extreme right--The Flags and the Brigade Headquarters would
be farther right and out of view.  Will the photographer please step front and
center to be recognized?  
Scenery from Battalion Headquarters proximity
                                                                                                    Photo presented by SP4 Dave Pechtold, fall 1966
     This photo was taken facing northeast from the Battalion Headquarters sector.
The Brigade Headquarters offices are in the foreground.  The Flags and the Parade
Field, along with the barbershop in front of the gym, are in plain view.  The Blue
Lancer Playhouse is behind The Flags.  Easy's slopes are on the horizon.
        Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary--SP4 Julio Martinez.
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                                                                                            Yearbook photo presented by SP4 Dennis Alt, 1964
Another classical photo of The Flags.  This photo was taken directly from the
Company B area.  Note the steepled chapel, The Flags, and of course South Queen
in the backdrop.
Scenes from C Company sector and from Northwest proximity
                                                                                                     Yearbook photo presented by Dennis Alt, 1964
 Brigade Headquarters and The Flags with Easy Queen in the background.  Note
misty ambiance, probably the monsoon season of 1964