Brigade Headquarters Offices
       The Brigade Headquarters offices which accommodated the
BLV Commanding Officer and related staff were a curiosity in
themselves.  This web page will consist of the exterior and
interior offices of the Brigade Headquarters building.
CO's Door
                                                                                                         Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer1965
This plaque was located on the CO's door.  His office was located at the inner
courtyard of the eastern-most wing's storefront.
Mission Statement
                                                                                                         Photo presented by SP4 Ron Benson, 1967
 This photo displaying views of North Korean casualties during peace time was
located immediately within the main entrance (center door behind the icon) of the
headquarters building.
Commo Platoon Door
                                                                                                     Photo by SP4 Julio Martinez, summer 1965
       This comic plaque was located on the Commo Platoon door within the
courtyard of the brigade office building's western-most wing.
       Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary--SP4 Julio Martinez
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