BRITTAIN, SP5 William, Medic, last known assignment was the
Dispensary, BLV, 1965.  Please contact webmaster.

GARCIA, SP4 Marvin, Medic, last known assignment was the
Dispensary at the BLV, 1965; the 2400 area at FtBliss, Tx,
1966-67; and at Hotel Dieu Hospital, El Paso, Texas, 1967-68.   
Please contact webmaster.  

SELLERS, SP4 George V., Supply Clerk, last known assignment
was supply room adjacent to HHC 2/38 Orderly Room at the BLV,
1965; and at Ft Bliss, Tx, 1966-67.  Please contact webmaster.
Contact webmaster at:
   I would like to find the guy affectionately called "Teddy the
Petty."  We don't have his real name since everybody in the unit
went by nicknames.  Mine was
SKINNY.   Also Julio, ask if
anyone out there was a member of a Black OP's MI unit simply
called, "Ghost Walkers."  We were told that this unit went to Nam
after korea and were all killed.  However, I don't believe that so
this is why I am asking you to post.  I am hoping that someone
out there was a Ghost Walker, is still alive, and willing to give us
a statement.  See what you can do, would you?  
Brothers, this is a unique request, any takers out there?~~Julio