Headquarters and Headquarters Company
Camp Blue Lancer Valley, NulloRi, Korea
Top of the morning fellow Troopers and Warriors,
     Thanks again for tuning in to The Morning Report and making blv.dot.org part
of your day.
     This is Old Bill your blv.dot.org Morning Report Clerk bringing you up-to-date
on contributions, photos, or commentaries on The Morning Report.

we got a special treat for you this morning.  Click on
Photo Album and join us on a
day by day fellowship we all enjoyed at Oakland.  Trooper Martinez cannot seem to
emphasize enough the renewed camaraderie experienced by all in company of oldie
and newbie brothers--he is still talking about it here at the orderly room and has
become quite obnoxious . . . but, check the album and join the fun!
OUR BROTHERS AT WAR:  "If I receive this email one thousand times, then one
thousand times I will forward it," is what w
as written on the email I received.  It is
beyond blv.dot.org to deny our heartfelt greetings that we again
re-extend to our
brother warriors and their families since Morning Report III.  The whole of the
Western Corridor is invited to extend appreciation to the Marines, the Air Force, the
Navy, and the Army at war in the Middle East--our prayers are with you.  

GUEST BOOK  Please open the Home (Index) Page and feel free to sign and view
the Camp Blue Lancer Valley Roll book.
YEARBOOKS:  blv.dot.org extends its appreciation to SP4 Louis Panfil duty with A
Company 1st Bn 12th Cav at the BLV who presented his priceless
1965 Yearbook.  I
regret that Trooper Martinez is still working on updating pages with yearbook
photos accordingly and will be severely dealt with, however the yearbook is fully
published.  Please stand by for eventual updates.
   Despsite this inconvenience, Trooper Martinez reminds all viewers that all text
and photos are subject to your corrections and/or additional comments.  For your
convenience, all new material or addenda will be in
red font for the duration of this
Morning Report V.
    Again, there is nothing more rejuvenating than stepping back in time and
reliving our duty at assigned posts . . . or viewing a photo of an
ole buddy . . . or
ghostly haunting hooches at the BLV where we once spent a year of our late youth
and to reflect that yearbooks add to the fulfillment this wonder.
briefly to salute and recognize those gallant and valiant brothers who stood together
Guarding Freedoms Frontier.  Neither the elements, chemical agents, nor enemy
bullets discriminated between the crests of patrols within corps, divisions, or within
this unique band of brothers.  There is no doubt that there was not one scout that
would not have stood shoulder to shoulder in sharing the receiving of hostile fire or
commit to defend the life of his brother next to him.  
    Please join blv.dot.org on this July of 2007, fifty-four years after the armistice, in
continued memory of our Korean War and DMZ and Cold War fallen heroes, and
survivors, and that in such rememberance, Korea is not forgotten.  

REUNIONS:  blv.dot.org will maintain the REUNIONS page open though the Korea
Cold War Vet's Reunion will take effect on November, 2008
.  Please click to view
data of upcoming fellowshipping.
     As we sign off this morning, special greetings are again extended to our brothers
at the Joint Security Area, the DMZ-Imjin Scouts, and patrols guarding freedom's
frontier on the Z.  Your fellow brothers recognize your dedication to duty especially
today's weather conditions.     
      And to all of you out there in the guard towers, on the Imjin, at the field, in
convoy, anywhere in the division area, or cruising the (uh) vill, thanks for
logging-on to your website and The Morning Report.
     And blv.dot.org salutes one last greeting to all of you short timers out there who
were living up your final hours at the E.M. Club last night, or (uh) on sweet
mischief--you will surely be missed (like dripping rain). :)
     For those just signing-in on the duty roster or submitting material, stand at rest.
 Please bear patiently as your admin clerk, Trooper Martinez, returns to the orderly
room.  He has been ordered by the C.O. to review, post, and report to you
immediately upon his return from
lollygagging at the photo lab where he was found
and threatened with an Article 15
by Spanky (1SG).
     Please bear with us as your Morning Reports are as regular as is the material
submitted to us.  Hasta la vista compadres, this is El Viejito Memo** reminding you
mira-mira the duty roster for possible detail and remember, Semper Paratus and
Rock of the Marne.
For the Commander,

112207 (Thanksgiving Thursday and a gobble-gobble
to all you turkey farmers out there!
**Memo is a derivative of Guillermo which
is the Spanish equivalent of William.