Company B
  Company B was located between Company A and the EM Club, below
Easy's skirts.  All photos this page are from Dennis Alt's 1964 yearbook.
  Company B facing due south from A Company troop's quarters with all administrative
buildings and recreation area along with South Queen in the background.
Company B Orderly Room with brass.
  This photo was taken facing westwestnorth from the Company B area toward the C
Company area with the northern subhills of Radio on the background.  Note the
walking bridge that crosses the ditch and the concrete strip in the foreground which
would be immediately below the B Company buildings.  Note also the graded strip
where the cavaliers are at bayonet practice.
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pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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  Co B cavaliers down in the ditch
below their quonsets clearing their
portion of the flooding ditch.