A Word on Pictures
A Shutterbug
        Taking pictures is a passion in my life.  I graduated from a
Kodak Box in my childhood to the high-grade camera I bought in
Korea.  All pictures were taken with a Yashika Lynx 5000 f/1.8
50mm lens, using Kodak 100 ASA Pan 35mm Black and White film
set at 125 ASA.  I paid $40.00 for the camera, which was almost an
E-2’s month’s salary back in 1965.  
        At first I had all my exposed film developed at the McGovern
PX, but later I developed all my prints at the Blue Lancer Photo
Lab on matte paper.  Thirty-nine years later I found almost all of
the negatives.  I extend my warm appreciation to Rick, Elsa,
Bernadette, and Frank who very patiently and contentedly bore
with me when I ordered, approved or corrected, and reordered
full-frame reprints at Sam’s Club #8280, El Paso, Texas.  
Remember these negative sleeves from the PX?
         I took all photos, except where otherwise credited.  Marvin
Garcia, a fellow adventurer, took all pictures of me with my
Yashika at the BLV and adjacent sectors.  I am in many pictures
for two reasons: my folks wanted memories of me in Korea, and I
wanted to show evidence of where I had been—since I lost
negatives to buddies who never returned them.  
       If some shots appear blurred, out of focus or off-toned, it is
because of the moment’s difficulty of available light and other
settings and adjustments regardless of eventual darkroom
correction.  These conditions included split-second decision of
timing synchronization including speed, focus, and aperture
variables of either stationary or moving objects with or without
flash in weather conditions such as sheltering the camera lens
from rain, snow, etc.  
       I have always maintained that all photos are priceless as
each one justifies its own existence.  I have always held that
picture is worth one thousand words
and that nothing can replace
the picture you wish had been taken.  
Remember ordering prints from your exposed film at the PX,      
or purchasing a camera with your ration card?
A Word on Scans and Downloads
        As with many great shots some may require longer
downloading time than others, however patience is a virtue and
(in most cases)
good things come to those to wait.  Please know
that much time and careful attention has been given to all
submissions to maximize viewing enjoyment.

       Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary.
 All material will be considered and
properly edited, credited, reviewed, and returned.  All photos
may be cropped.  To assure proper acknowledgment please be
sure to include your name, rank, unit, and specialty (and crest if
available).  Very important, please furnish your tenure (or year) at
the BLV and the year and/or season the photo was taken.  
       Please feel free to provide correction, supplement with
addenda, data, or identification for any picture or commentary in
this website.

       All photos and material submitted is entrusted exclusively
for publication in the bluelancervalley.org website.  Please
contact webmaster as a procedure for complimentary use and
documentation purposes of any material.  All material publicly
utilized should be credited with “courtesy bluelancervalley.org”
as a credit caption.
       Please recognize that bluelancervalley.org is operated and
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are welcome and significantly appreciated.
                                                        SP4 Julio Martinez
                                                        BLV 1965
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