Company A
  The Company A area also known as "Anxious Alpha" was located
immediately to the left of and from the Main Gate entrance.  The Mess Hall
was the first building, followed by the bulletin board, the Orderly Room,
another quonset, the Day Room, the latrine, and a fifth building being a
quonset.  The second tier of quonsets were the troopers' quarters.
All photos on this page are provided by Dennis Alt's yearbook 1964.
Company A sign                     Co A Orderly Room          Cavaliers clearing flooding ditch
  Reveille at company A on the concrete strip immediately in front of the ditch that runs the
length of the camp and that floods each year.  The Mess Hall, the bulletin board, and the
orderly room are in plain sight with the Motor Pool at the far left.  The photo was taken
facing northeast from the graded strip that runs the north-south length of the BLV.
  View of Company A area troops' quarters (second tier) facing northnorthwest toward
the Main Gate.  Note fifth building (a quonset) at left next to the latrine and the Motor
Pool at the far left.
  This photo was taken facing due east with Easy on background.  A Company's third
building is at left, Day Room in back, with the latrine at right.
  This photo was taken facing due south caddy corner to the Day Room.  The latrine and
the fifth building following( a quonset) is seen down the sidewalk.  Note the gym at the
photo's right, with The Queen in the backdrop.  Cleaning stove day?
  Co A CO directing the clearing of the flooding ditch that ran the length of the BLV every
monsoon season.  This portion of the ditch is located immediately below Co A Orderly Room.
The chow line, gotta keep the men fed!!
The Mess Hall, Cavaliers at mess, check out the back chair covers, nice!!
  This photo clearly displays the
1stCavDiv1stBn12thCavACo on
this vehicle.
         Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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