702nd Maintenance Battalion
      The 702nd Maintenance Battalion was responsible for repairs
to arms and artillery and maintain storage and inventory of repair
parts.  The shop area was located north of the A and B Company
area and partly adjacent to the Main Gate.
                                                                                          Photo presented by SP4 Eliyahu Rooff, summer 19--      
 This photo was taken facing northeast from Radio Hill.  The larger rectangular
building in the center was the armaments shop area where repairs were done on
small arms and tube artillery.  To the right and rear of that was the Tech Supply
section where repair parts were ordered and stored.  IIRC, the wheeled and
tracked vehicle repair area was to the left of BLV Avenue--Eliyahu Rooff
                                                                                           Photo presented by Lynn Zolnoski, autumn of 1966     
 The 702nd company area was toward the top of the hill on the west side of
BLV; the last row of hooches before the wire.  In the photo, you can see the row of
five Quonsets just inside the bulge in the wire.  The northernmost hut was the
orderly room, followed by three barracks and the supply room, with the mess hall
at the south end of the row.  The area is at the very lower left of the photo--SP4
Eliyahu Rooff
                                                                                            Photo presented by SP4 Lynn Zolnoski, winter 1966
 This snow bound photo of the 702nd Mess Hall was taken facing due west
from the road below the NCO Club and The Chapel.  Note the chow line at the left
and troopers jumping from the truck, some in midair, and three others at the first
Quonset which was the Supply Room.  Note the diesel tank in front of the truck.  
         Your photos are welcome; please feel free to present your
pictures with commentary—SP4 Julio Martinez.
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Photo of SP4 Eliyahu Rooff in front of the
702nd Orderly Room, 1967
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