Camp Blue Lancer Valley
journey back to the BLV
   Come join our adventure and revisit Blue Lancer Valley, a
military compound in The Land of the Morning Calm.  This
mountain basin is located in a Far East peninsula of
Asia--recognized by the ancients as Chosen (Ch'OH-sen)--known
today as Korea.  The fortified camp was home to soldiers of the
United States Army for several decades following the Korean War
of 1950-1953.
   Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Blue Lancer Valley and
flanking sectors as we ascend and survey Mount Easy Queen,
South Queen, and Radio Hill.  View the mighty Imjin River and the
distant peaks of North Korea.
   Journey among the surrounding foothills with us.  Visit the
olden burial sites, hill families, relic finds, war artifacts and
fortifications, and indulge yourself in the incensed aroma  as we
tour the solemn Buddhist Temples that you once bypassed.
   Stomp the same grounds and stroll by the Quonsets--today
haunted by Blue Lancers of varied time eras--where we once
served a year of our late youth.  
   Sniff the stinky rice paddies that we'll again traverse as we
ramble on to our NulloRi!
   We will relive the military duty and share the freezing snows,
Monsoon miseries, and the sweltering summer heat.
We'll catch up on the history of our camp--with
your photos and
--and witness progressive transformations of the BLV
over the decades.
   Yes, collectively we'll reminisce and relive the camaraderie. In
the silence of our memory banks we'll recall the "sweet mischief"
of our late adolescence, and reflect on the life that was once ours
Our Korea as we revisit Camp Blue Lancer Valley.

Your Host,
                                                   SP4 Julio Martinez
                                                   BLV 1965
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III.  Adjoining Sectors
V.  Nineteen Sixty-five, a Meridian of Times
IV.  The Village of NulloRi